Embedded Software

Vari tipi di chipOur laboratories are equipped with the software and hardware development tools for creating customized embedded applications for the following families of microprocessors and microcontrollers:

  • Zilog Z80 and Z180
  • Intel 8031/51 and 8096
  • Intel 8086
  • NEC uPD7810
  • ST Microelectronics ST6
  • Hitachi 64180, H4, H8, H8S and SH
  • Motorola MC68332, MC68HC05 and DSP56000
  • Microchip PIC and derivatives

We can use for your needs MTK, our internally developed multitask embedded operating system, running on the Hitachi H8, Zilog Z80 and Intel 8086 and derivatives ; we also own an integrated development environment using MTK with our TCP-UDP protocol stack operating on Ethernet 10 and 100 Mb/s both on copper and optical fiber. In our product portfolio we have further clients and servers, like http, ftp, ntp, dhcp, rpc, rlp.

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