TastieraSm@rboot is the simple and efficient solution for the enforcement of the rules dictated by privacy protection laws, eliminating the necessity of inconvenient passwords, difficult to remember and manage in the correct way. Without any modification to the application programs or to the existing network infrastructure it is possible to protect both standalone and interconnected PC to the same standard, with a limited investment, but always based on the most advanced technologies today available.



Sm@rtboot controls the usage of an IBM compatible personal computer starting from the boot phase, just after the power on self test.

It is possible to selectively limit the access to one or more operating systems loaded on the same PC, because Sm@rtboot is compatible with a great number of OS, starting with all members of Microsoft line, to Linux or BSD. The access is controlled via a smart card as per the ISO 7816 standard, that is read and write protected using various secret keys that are customized for each customer. This smart card, that is given to each user of the PC protected with Sm@rtboot, is programmed by whom is in charge of security management using a special program running in 32 bit Microsoft Windows, setting up the right protection level for each user.

The supervisor has a special permission that allows him/her to set, using a special startup menu, an access mask for each disk active partition and check the last 32 accesses to a given PC ,tracking date and time and card number.


Smartcard terminal:

In every kit is supplied an appropriate terminal for smartcard reading, in compliance with PC/SC requirements (Personal Computer/Smartcard Workgroup), comprising a contact head with push-pull mechanism, with position of the contacts as per ISO 7816-2 and electrical characteristics as per ISO 7816-3 / GSM 11.11. It is usually delivered in the same case with a keyboard with 104/105 keys for Microsoft Windows, particularly compact, with symbols engraved on the keys with a laser technology of long duration and easy cleaning, with parameters of reliability MCBF=1x10^9 operations, MTBF > 80000 hours, operating life of the single keys > 20 million operations. It is available in several international layouts upon request, normally supplied with support for the Italian language. It is connected to the Keyboard interface type PS/2 and to the serial interface through a DB9 connector. It Is also available a version with only the smartcard reader push-pull with USB interface.

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