The virus protection for your stand-alone computer, peer-to-peer networks or your individual workstations in the network.


Please order your AntiVir test version here.

AntiVir Personal Edition for the private use.

  • Virus check "on the fly" with every data operation
  • Manual searches for scanning individual files or mapped drives
  • Time-controlled or automatic update
  • AntiVir Enterprise Management-Console
  • POP3 scanner (Windows)

Sm@rtLogon - is a software program designed to add the strong authentication and convenience to the standard Windows logon procedure. It allows to access Windows driven computers and domains in an easy, fast and secure way by using different types of hardware keys. The login and password of the user are entered automatically once the hardware key is connected to the computer. Users gain the flexibility to select from different smart cards, hardware tokens, as well as USB flash drives and other types of removable media to provide fast and convenient two- or three-factor authentication within their Windows environment.
Sm@rtLogon can be used with Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP HE and Professional.
It can be configured to allow access to several workstations and domains with the use of a single card. Alternatively, the system can be set up to allow several cards to access a single computer.

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