Traffic control

We have more than ten years experience on managing integrated traffic control systems, mainly with Siemens SITRAFFIC e MIGRA CENTRAL products.

We can offer you consulting services for management, programming and servicing both the central supervising systems and the traffic lights controllers and all their components.

We can also teach customized courses for all people in chanrge of installing and servicing the above products.

We can design and deploy access systems using virtual private networks VPN for remote management of the central supervising systems or for secure collection and publishing of traffic data.

Using the SVS - SkyMax Vision Sistem it is possible to handle all needs for a short and medium range surveys, like when a car accident happens: SVS can completely and quickly survey the accident area, allowing a very fast traffic restoral and minimizing the impact on traffic congestion; the accident images will be used to completely recover the reciprocal position of all the vehicles, and their location in reference to the surrounding elements (houses, traffic signs, road border, etc.).

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